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​Smart vending machine

HY-R215NS FMCG Machine

Dimensions: 640(L) x 920(W) x 1980(H)mm
Machine Size: 640(L) x 920mm(W) x 1980(H)mm

Cargo lane: 6 layers and 6 spring cargo lanes
Lane Type: 6-layers with 6 Spring lanes

Type/capacity: 150-180 bottles of beverages
Capacity: 150-180 Bottles

21.5" touch screen display
  Touch screen

With a storage memory system, it can query the sales status and fault self-diagnosis and other functions

With memory storage system, support sales status enquiry and failure self-diagnosis

Spring lane can be Changed according to commodity size

Cooling temperature: 4°C ~ 25°C

Refrigerating temperature: 4°C~ 25°C

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